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Jul. 2nd, 2008

2nd life at virtual realm


Jun. 30th, 2008



distance: 8km
time: 55min
weather: occassional breeze
feeling: lagged in my last 3km

woke up at 4.40am. checked if zzz has finished the euro finals (SPAIN WON!!)
lazed until 5:30am
went for my run. yawn.

Jun. 29th, 2008

us in spain


20 sept - 3 Oct
Thai Airways
mi and dous

little wood-pecker

dous did the funniest thing today at her ah-ma's house.
we were all making ourselves so comfy on the bed playing with here when this 'little woodpecker' decided that she likes to gnaw on something....

first she crawls, a good 20cm to where i was sitting at the edge of the bed, totally fixated on....my knee.hmm.

and off she goes, happily pecking her way. sis says dous recently developed this little action of hers and i could also feel her teeth buds!

we love her to bits....:)


heard so much about WR and i was looking forward to taste their laksa pesto pasta.

the laksa pesto sauce was good, but i thought was a pity they used a type of prawn i thought only zee char used. The prawn meat was not firm but rather 'springy'. hmm.

Also tried the sweet potato crisp, which was good. i like to order sweet potatoes, kinda uneconomical, given that this$2.50 dish should have given me a whole plateful but since i wouldn't deep fry it at home.....

there were so much other food. well, but i guess my lack of photographic skills just cant make the cut to justify how the dishes were presented :)

THIS, the merlionster thingy, made up of 6 scoops of B&Js, with cookie bits and generous sprinkle of M&Ms, was what made us all happy that night :)

Jun. 25th, 2008

chocolate fudge cake

precious...my precious,....

a thought just came to me quite spontaneously today.
the never-ending impulse to 'get things'

you know. material stuff we pursue. sometimes with too much fervor.
we say: 'after this. and i will be satisfied',but we never are.
cars.houses.pretty stuff.

really, can we really, stop and tell ourselves that; it.is enough.?
and it is. we have it all. in many ways, we do.

the thought came to me and i know that i fall into this trap too. a trap because as much as i am constantly struggling to remind myself that somethings are just not meant to be, i cannot help but secretly harbor the hope too.


food for thought

We passed by this corridor restaurant (i say corridor because thats what the space between the bar/cooking area to the seats reminded me of) many many times because it is situated opposite the National Library. But we never got to go inside until today, well, for desserts anyways. :)

It is a nice small and quaint place. The menu of sanwiches and mains are decent but since we already had a filling dinner of chicken rice and steamboat, we settled for this very tempting warm brownies complete with marsh and ice-cream. It sinful but SO worth it.



distance: 8km
time: 52mins
feeling: tired, awaken last mid-night by a wrong number
weather: slightly humid

Jun. 23rd, 2008



distance: 8km
time: 48mins
feeling: sick, flu
weather: breezy. i like.

Jun. 22nd, 2008

us in spain

how's married life?

i realised that ever since we got married, the things to do on weekends are packed to the brim.

just the few hours we spend on each activity each sat & sun on family lunches and dinners, playing with dous, a simple home-cooked meal on sat, house work., jogging...*whoosh*....and its on to the next week.

not that i am complaining about the situation, i look forward to every weekend (actually who doesn't?!) but i guess the time we used to spend galavanting outdoors has to be re-proportioned appropriately at different intervals of our life :)

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